Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When stars know you better than you do.

There are moments in everyone’s lifetime that can never be forgotten. Those moments of shock that jolt you and resonate with every piece of you. Those moments that transcend beyond the present and are scorched into your memory forever. I’m talking about those days. The days you’ll never forget. When you first heard about 9/11. The JFK assassination. Or when the world finally received blue M&Ms. In a lifetime we are privy to about a dozen of these days where “I will never forget when...”

I will never forget when I was no longer a Sagittarius.

My girlfriend sent me a message via g-chat that said “So...I’m no longer a Capricorn?” and was accompanied by a link. There it was folks. The truth about the Zodiac. The sun signs. We had all been duped. Fooled. You thought you were an Aries? Tough. There’s a guy in Minnesota who says you’re a Pisces. Deal with it.

This moment was burned into my mind whether I wanted it to be or not. In an instant all the memories and emotions I associated with being a Sagittarius vanished. I was raised highly aware of my horoscope and the meaning of my sun sign. My mother loves reading about the signs of the Zodiac - and not in a voodoo kind of way, but in a healthy, cute way. She would lean into the Sunday paper and read me and my sisters our horoscopes - but now, it was all for nothing. All those times my mom told me, “Ellen, it’s because you’re a Sagittarius.” Pointless!

Because now I’m a Scorpio?! Dear All-That-Is-Holy, anything but a Scorpio! In an instant I went from the free, outgoing, optimistic, humorous, and insightful Sagittarius to the volcano-ready-to-erupt Scorpio?! I might as well not even bother to blog anymore. Now I can’t be the funny, witty Archer, I have to be an intense, over emotional Scorpion. Nice knowing you.

In one day, a published scientific study changed my personal identity. It begs the question - am I outgoing, humorous, and a heavy-thinker because that’s who I am, or because it’s what Sagittarius told me to be? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?!

Whenever my mom told me, “It’s because you’re Sagittarius,” it magically lifted any and all responsibility off my shoulders. I was too “care-free” to clean my room? Psh, it’s because I’m a Sagittarius! It certainly had nothing to do with being eleven and not wanting to do it - it was fated in the stars! And you don’t mess with what the stars have to say.

It’s natural to want to believe in something higher than ourselves. We want to believe in the magic of something we cannot fully articulate or explain. We didn’t choose where the stars go. We didn’t choose the day we were born. It’s all part of some higher, cosmic order, and there’s nothing we can do about it. There is something so romantic in the wake of our powerlessness. You were destined to be born on this day, with the sun here, and the stars there, and “they” know what kind of person you are going to be...before you do.

And now it’s all for nothing?! Rubbish?! All the time I spent reading Sagittarius was time wasted?! I’m supposed to abandon everything I have ever known about myself and become a Scorpio?! I share a birthday with Tina Turner. You wouldn’t tell Tina Turner she’s a Scorpio, would you?!

For those of you who followed the 24-hour hysteria, you know that these new Zodiac signs are only supposed to affect those born after 2009. We could all take a deep sigh of relief and could soundly sleep at night. Our personal identities remained intact. I was still a Sagittarius. Phew. I never really lost my destiny! I was always supposed to be this person and I am so happy that hasn't changed!

I, however, still find this hard to believe. It’s not like the Earth magically decided to tilt its axis in 2009 and throw off the stars. It would have progressed over time, and the Zodiac signs have probably been incorrect for centuries. But of course, avoid panic, and tell people that it will magically change in 2009.

Of course, believing what we’re told will be left for another post. Happy star gazing!

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  1. You question things because you're a Sagittarius, sweetie. Love ya, Mom