Sunday, April 10, 2011

Word of the day: Ostensibly. Usability equivalent: Stapler.

Ostensibly = Represented or appearing as such; to all outward appearances; apparently; seemingly.

I saw "ostensibly" used in a sentence and thought "um, oste-who?"

My lack of vocabulary is shameful. SHAMEFUL. Moments like “oste-who?” embarrass me. I feel like I am cheating on my brain by swimming in the same cesspool of monosyllabic adjectives.

As someone who earned a chemistry degree, I was forbidden to use colorful language outside the realm of "amphiprotic" and "chemical burn remedies." Please excuse me while I blame my education for my lack of vocab diversity. Somewhere Alanis Morissette is writing a song.

Consider this my effort to strengthen my vocabulary. I will refer to similar posts as "word of the day" even though it would more accurately be described as "word of every fifth day or whenever I feel like doing it."

Example for “ostensibly”:

Ostensibly hamburger meat, the fast food establishment was actually serving lightly seasoned recycled playground equipment.

I give this word the usability equivalent of a stapler. I see myself using this word often as I would a stapler, but I will also revert to paper clips, rubber bands, or my personal favorite - a hazardous shuffle of papers that are allergic to organization. It is a good word for the arsenal but it is not my only weapon.

Until next time, I will ostensibly work on another post while I really Google image things like vomit and lampshades.

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